Daily Prompt-Assumption

There is a saying, ” Don’t assume, it makes an *&& out of you and me”.   Well, I am not going to type out the word but it starts with an “A” and ends in double “S”.  I think it is safe to say that not everyone knows everything about another person. I certainly don’t and I can almost bet you don’t either.

How many times have you watched someone from a distance or maybe not a distance but never less you observed them and what their actions and words were about?  I have some but honestly, I learned a long time ago that people will seldom voluntarily show you their true selves and more than not what you see is not the inside of the person you are looking at. It is almost certain that we all have things we do not want anyone else to know about us, am I right?

“When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”

― Maya Angelou



There is something to say for the outspoken ones, you can almost know what it is they are about. Now that does not really tell you what is in the inside of them, but you could have enough to make an assumption. It is the quite ones you need to be careful trying to make assumptions about.  I think that there are some spot on things you can assume about. Like for instance, if you see someone who is holding up a sign and it has a clear and direct message on it, you could assume that is the way they really feel. Why else would they advertise and make a public stance , right? Still, you don’t know all about them. Think about that.


If you want to assume something about someone, it is best to try to gather facts, rather than speculations.  That is if you can. Somethings are not really clear.  This all brings to my mind a story I heard once. I am going to share a link with you. You can read it for yourself, but here is the short version.


In this story, a kid named Peter watched over some sheep for his village. He liked to keep himself busy, one could say. In other words he got bored easily. He pulled a prank on the villagers a few time, yelling out that he saw a wolf who was going to get the sheep. Each time the villagers responded to his cries and came running with sticks, and weapons to fend off the “wolf”. Peter would laugh at the villagers because he thought this sort of thing to be amusing. Each time he was punished by his parents. It did not change his pranks though, until…

On a particular day there was something making the sheep nervous.  He thought at first,  he had better handle things for himself, as to not make the villagers mad at him again. He saw that it was a big scary wolf. He shouted out to the villagers, but no one came. The villagers heard him but assumed he was doing his past pranks and they ignored his cry for help. Can you blame them?

The next day the villagers saw that Peter was hiding in a tree and there was dead sheep everywhere.

So from this story, one would surmise that the villagers were justified in their thoughts of Peter and in assuming he was still pranking them, even though he really wasn’t. See assuming is part of the course when a person has repeated the same kinds of actions, or comments, or what have you. In this kind of situation that Peter was in, it would be the thing to do, to assume.  Although in real life one cannot just simply gather concrete knowledge or absolutes from assuming.

My thought on the topic of ASSUMPTION is one in which I say that …

“Just because it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, doesn’t mean it is a duck.”

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