June 15 2018

Howdy Y’ll!


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Just writing a post to let you guys know, I appreciate all your feedback, comments, and “likes”.

I hope you are enjoying what you are reading from me. Don’t forget, I do update my recipes, occasionally, I do post quotes, frequently, and like to share pictures from time to time.

Currently in my life, I am trying to balance being a mother, grandmother, wife and friend. Sometimes I may not respond quickly to your comments or questions but I am interested in them and will respond as soon as I can.

I keep track as much as I can, the posts of my fellow writers. I enjoy reading them and some I just plain ole relate to.

Life can be such a struggle, but when you have hope, friends, and family, you can do almost anything! God helps me personally.  For those that believe in him, you know what I mean.

I hope each of you go through life searching for what you need answers to, looking into things that need your observations. I also hope you follow your passions, dreams, and hopes as far as you can.

Thanks for reading, commenting, sharing, and following. Peace and love to you all.

MwsR <3




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  1. By jennavive72 on

    I enjoy your blog very much and I am thankful for your feedback on my blog! Happy blogging to you!


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