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As if I am not on the same level ground

You do what you want when I am not around.

I feel like there are some things taken for granted

Like mentioning that maybe you did this or that

Or maybe it was me and not you that I was really mad at.

I see different perspectives, different views

And that is not only the half of it, it’s true

So much that doesn’t suite you and so much for give and take

I reckon I will give, underneath all this weight.

Too much or too little

Not enough but way more than you’d like

Guess you want to give it another thought when you cut out the light.

I am the one left wondering, left trying to replay it in my head

While I lay there, I don’t even know why I went to bed.

Why can’t things be equal, why can’t it be without fuss

Is this the way it must be between us?

This is so far gone, maybe too far to mention

I hate all this undermined intervention.

To wish or to give in

Either way something must begin.

MwsR <3




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