July 15 2018

Excerpt from my book, “Heart Stones”



This is one of my poems from my book of poems, entitled, “Heart Stones”. You can purchase it from Amazon.com or Lulu.com. One thing to remind you of is that my name, the author’s name is put like this….Mws R. It is broke into with the “R” being the last name. I have had people tell me it is hard to search for my books because the way they were entering my name.

This poem I wrote because someone I love was going down a path of self-destruction. They were making wrong choices and their life was spinning out of control. Instead of planning for their own future, they were living in the moment, the not so good moments that they had chosen for themselves. 

If you know of someone struggling and you have prayed for them, cared for them, and you have done all you can, this is a poem for you and possibly them.

Please Try…by MwsR

The pit of my stomach wants to give you more chances

Despite all the critical onlooker’s glances.

They think there is no hope for you

Cover for HeartStones
Heart Stones

Yet they don’t love or hope for you like I do.

I am so scared to let you lie to me again

I am afraid my forgiveness will fail here towards the end.

I hurt for you

All those plans and things might not come true,

The telling you I love you is simple

But trusting you is hard and cumbersome, like water with a ripple,

it would appear to be in control

But really is struggling, you know.

Inside each of person we need to decide whether importance is given to unimportant things

And if along the road it will be worth all the pains.

Sometimes in a brief second, I catch glances of times past.

In my heart what I want is for good times to last.

Sadly, it is not in my hands.

I have given you all my demands.

Yet you shrugged and then walked away

Seems tears are all that came from that day

I fall to my kneel and constantly pray.

Maybe one more day, maybe one more start.

Or maybe it will stay heavy  on my heart.

Please try!

You know why.

There are more poems in my book that I hope you will find you can relate to.

Please get yourself a book , possibly give as a gift to someone who may need encouragement or simply to feel that they are not alone.

Thanks for reading!

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    1. By Mws R on

      I will copy the link and send it. I wonder why it does not show up?

    2. By sharonharvey2 on

      Hiya, I’ve no idea at all but in the end I did find the links you put on your website so found your book that way. How did you find Lulu for self publishing? X

    3. By Mws R on

      I thought it was user friendly and the one thing I wished iit would do would be to help more in the formatting. If you use it, you have to check and recheck the look of your work. That is not to say it wasn’t easy to use. I would suggest making it book ready before getting it downloaded onto the Lulu sight.

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