Sunday Whirl Challenge!/ Encouraging



Here is my word of encouragement for this challenge!!!!!

brown wooden dock surrounded with green grass near mountain under white clouds and blue sky at daytime
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For most you find a pattern on your path. It could be a path with gravel that someone else has spread there, in relation to your own life this is the obstacles and people who make your life hard. Most paths are simple and  it is easy to stay off of the edge, where danger or destruction is.

In life we are following various paths. Sometimes there are obstacles to climb along the way. Perhaps that is the only way to continue your path in life. There will also be very tight places along that path that you must find a way to go through. Your belly may feel like it is tied up in knots at what you are facing. Don’t fret! You have the choice to trim away what is bothering you, or in other words, shorten the time you feel bad, and you can continue to move on. There will be days you feel very low but then there will be days where everything seems to go right.

That is the way of a person’s life path. You can stay “off the grass”   or you can chance it and have the water spray you in the face.


Thanks for reading! MwsR <3

Thank you for reading 🙂


194 thoughts on “Sunday Whirl Challenge!/ Encouraging

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    1. Could you explain what you mean? This was a challenge post, where you are not trying to appeal to readers as much as you are trying to finish the challenge. I would love to understand what you mean to say, your comment is cut off and I can not see your finished response.

    1. I write them all on my own, with help of copying and pasting from various sources. The ones with my signature are all my own.

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    1. I really appreciate your saying that! Thank you. I use a template from WordPress, but add GIF’s of my own choosing. I also incorporated my own interests, like music, amazon links, etc.

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    1. It is a WordPress template, you simply add what you wish to it. I am into hearts, cats, etc, wanted to show that in my webpage.

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