woman wearing white wedding gown holding hands with man while walking
Photo by Jeremy Wong on Pexels.com

Pristine decorations adorn the bride’s veil

Snow white lace upon the wedding dress tail

Whispering ones can be heard because despite the music

Although the ushers all seem altruistic.

Music from speakers, that sounds very familiar

The music plays on one song after another, which is kind of the allure.

People entering the place with exquisite looks on their faces

If I did not know what it was, I would declare it was the races.

So much planning for a rather short ceremony

t that’s the way of things concerning matrimony.

Music gets  intense  as all heads turn in unison

Here comes the bride, coming out from behind that partition.

Grandeur, I see on this most special occasion.

But as soon as it’s over, I will look for a catabasion

For which to hide

I don’t do well with crowds, I won’t lie.

For now I will watch as two become one,

My friend and her someone.

MwsR <3

Trying my hand at this, don’t ask, lol


Thank you for reading 🙂