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Summer’s End

At night when the air is warmer than before
When the breeze gently blows your hair,
You can hear a chatter from underneath the deck boards
I often see eyes staring back at me
But I do not always know where they will be.
Holding my breath when I walk outside
Afraid of the movement, I feel my rapid heartbeat.
I wonder what it is, what it must be,
Somehow they manage to haunt me.
More chatter, more eyes, what is this madness I am in
It comes from summers long ago
When out goes the summer and in comes the fall.
It is all the eyes and cries from those who never left,
They are trapped here and I feel like I taunt them
Taking with me the summer memories of the present
While they are lost forever in summer’s past,
Unable to be seen or heard
Forever they cannot leave, how absurd.

MwsR <3

Thank you for reading 🙂