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It Cannot Be

Whispering behind the back of the one who is your friend

I have seen this in life more and more

It brings about a bias thought

Whether it was intended to or not.

People think it is okay to gossip about things they think they know

But never do they really understand how far those rumors go.

I have seen them end a relationship or two,

I have been on the hurting one’s end listening to  their woes.

Like as if strangers, we must try to take things we hear with a grain of salt

Sometimes things are destroyed and it is not that person’s fault.

Sometimes it is the heavy tongue of a so-called friend

Their words cause more danger than a forest fire can.

Those words are taken in by people who want to believe them

They can destroy all hope of any thing good.

Like a thief who strikes in the dead of night

This rumor thing can actually be such a thief,despite

See gossip does not have legitament sources but has a heavy effect

It doesn’t need anything, it just needs someone to listen and  to repeat.

Before you try repeating something that may not be true,

Ask yourself how you would feel if the rumor was about you.

Do not fall for “said” evidence you have not seen with your own eyes

Because you will get caught up in another person’s lies.

Be optimistic but not gullible

Be sure but don’t gloat

You just might be the one who sinks another person’s “boat”.

Words  always have actions that trail right behind

Make sure it is accurate, don’t spread false lies.

Because where you do there is a receiving line

That heads back to you, in time.


Thank you for reading 🙂