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On this night I was awakened by a surreal dream.

He was in it , of course, that was how it seemed.


He had chased me around into different parts of this dream

I could not distinguish between them, they each ran right into the next scene.


If I had to have a fear it has always been him.

He who took my trust and vanished it away.


My heartbeat was strong, and my eyes were wet with tears

I knew in my reality it was just a dream but in my heart , it felt so real.


Maybe because parts of it mocked my real life

Possibly things were still sitting on my mind.


I couldn’t shake this feeling I had

Like I was in fear, running from something, I knew was still there.


He gave me feelings I had,  had in my past,

Feelings I am certain now are not gone, but continue to last.


Ones where I am out of control of my life

No where to go, no way to escape.


This dream was a mimic of dreams, I have already had

So thankful I can ultimately wake up from them.


For if the things I dreamed could come true and in that way

I would not want to live in them or wish to stay.


My subconscious is a tricky one I must confess

See, I think things are gone, but then I get reminded they are not.


Powerful enough to give me doubt but not strong enough to knock me out.


Thank you for reading 🙂