Broken/ Poem by MwsR

Often times I see people down on their luck, or people who feel so frustrated with their life, that they need someone to notice and lend them some help or word of encouragement. I know that all too often this life can be hard, it can be tough and we have to pick our own selves up sometimes, because frankly, no one else really will or maybe they can’t.

Letting ourselves be human, letting ourselves have bad days is just living life. It is okay to feel sad, sometimes, just don’t stay sad forever.

The key is to believe there will be better days, there is someone who will love you and understand you.

Give life and people a chance.

Michelle ❤





Twisted and still struggling

Trying to find just where I really am at in this life

Sometimes I cry because it is so frustrating

Yet I carry on,

First one day , then another

There are times when I feel I am just holding on,

I crawl if I have to

Pretend to be just fine

But others cannot open me up and look on the inside

They get what I portray

Often time it drives them away

No help do they offer

Even if they could help I think it would just vanish as soon as it came

Why does this feel like a game, always

I know they mean well, yet they sometimes come off wrong

I think trying to understand what their true intentions are is hard

Hopeless I continue, why is that?

I must admit there is not much satisfaction

Gah, I feel so very tired, yet I want to live

I want to know what it is that I think I am going to miss.

Okay, maybe I am just fooling myself

Maybe there is no right only wrong with me,

I think somewhere I quit believing in what I could not see

I think sometimes I am just broken

I want to trust,

I want to feel

I want to be happy , for real.

It is me who isn’t letting these things happen,

Me, who is lost and who knows maybe I don’t know how to be found

Who cares what I want,

Who cares anymore when I cry.

They think I should just get over things

Let by gones pass on by.

Wow, when I re-read what I  write

I know that I am broken, that is a definite, not a “might”.

But aren’t we all broken?

Don’t we all lose ourselves while trying to stick things out

Trying to go forward in the hardship, despite the hardship

I think it is true.

I think feeling broken, means life has been true.

True to every reaction for every action

Broken does not mean you don’t function

It does not mean you are not good.

But will anyone else know that?

Will anyone look beyond your exterior to see all that?

That is left up to interpretation…

MwsR ❤


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