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Just switching things up a bit , this morning on  my page. I often read the news from MSN or some other news content on the internet, first thing in the morning. This morning I saw something that caught my eye. If you have read anything about me and reading, you know I skim through articles and such. So this morning while skimming, I figured I would pass along some of what caught my eye.

We all are trying to eat as healthy as possible these days. I have noticed the older I get, the more conscious I am of what I put into my body. 

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6 things to avoid while trying to lose weight…

1- Sugary Yogurt

Most yogurt contains around 20 grams of sugar, more or less. The yogurt has added things in it, that might not help you achieve losing weight. Yes, even Greek yogurt, my friends!

-Read the labels, become familiar with what is in the ingredients.

-Buy low sugared yogurt, if you insist on eating yogurt.

-look for natural ingredients, not processed ones.

2- Fried Meats

We all love eating those delicious, fried foods, but they are usually loaded in saturated fats, They also increase your calorie intake.

-Eat as things with unsaturated fat, this will help you stay clear of high cholesterol and heart disease.

3- Processed Protein Bars

A lot of people think these things are a quick and healthy option, especially if your goal is to eat in a hurry. Alas, though, they are not all created equal.

-Check ingredients, if you cannot identify it you should not eat it!

4-Standard Peanut Butter

Yep, probably the stuff you grew up eating.

-First ingredients should always be peanuts.

-Look for minimal ingredients when checking out the label.

5- Farmed Salmon

YUMMO, I love Salmon and it is really packed with good fats and good things for us.

-Wild Caught is what to look for when buying Salmon. If it isn’t chances are it is loaded with things that are bad for you.

6- Processed Meats

Yep, bologna, ham, turkey, beef, etc. These things contain harmful ingredients because they are processed to sit in the coolers or refrigerators for a while. YUCK!

I believe , personally, as do others that these kinds of meat have contributed to many of our health issues.

-They can cause you to bloat, dehydrate, and overeat!

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