September 27 2018

Let’s talk about … “Nose Uppity People”


1684004136-quote-Jesse-Jackson-never-look-down-on-anybody-unless-youre-131382_1Hey guys,

Something has been weighing on my mind for some time now.

It has to do with people who think they are superior to others. Whether these people come from an organization, cult, church, work place, or wherever, you will always find some people who look down their nose on others.

An example is…

A lady whom I will not mention, thinks because she has not had an easy life due to her declining health, and personal circumstances, she finds it hard to accept any other person’s circumstance as dire straights or a good reason  for not getting out and about, for whatever that reason may be.

Don’t you hate it when one person makes a decision to snub another because they think that person is making excuses and all? I do. I do not pretend to know someone elses’ predicaments that they personally deal with, nor should I hold that right, but only to my own self. It is clearly not the way we as humans with hearts should be.

I personally think that for another to quickly condemn or look down their noses at another, well, that means they themselves have something of an issue in their own hearts. I could be over interpreting but I think not.

Just to let you in on a secret or two…

People deal and handle differently each circumstance, event, crisis, and what have you. No one can tell another person how to do that, nor should they, It is wrong, to assume that since you can handle things, another might also. Also, who the heck are you to say for another person, what is their personal battles?

You cannot!

Please if you have been doing this, stop!

No one comes with instructions. No one comes with a plan. We all deal and have different opinions and feelings on all matters of our lives. We are individuals. What may be a “drop  of water” in the bucket to you may be a “waterfall“of emotions for another. Please do not think you are a superior in that. You aren’t.

I am just trying to say in as simple terms as I can….

We ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS with different backgrounds, behaviors, feelings, thoughts, emotions, etc

If you have nothing good to say, think, or implement into another’s life, think twice, stay nice!

Thanks for reading, see you on this side of the rainbow, folks!

MwsR <3


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  1. By photosociology on

    It’s a tough one. Many people who have chronic issues create a personal identity out of it (maybe not surprisingly when they have to live with it every day), and that can unfortunately lead to comparison, judgement and advice giving. It’s a trap which isolates them from others unfortunately.

  2. By pensitivity101 on

    You are right, we are all individuals, and as a rule I believe if you can’t say something nice about someone, keep quiet.
    I like to give a helping hand if I can, I’m a good listener and if someone wants to bounce some ideas off me, I don’t mind. However, I will not be told who to like or dislike, nor do I think I am better than anyone else, so yeah, I will be helping them up.

  3. By dawnautom on

    Nice post dear, I’ve put up with a lot of people like that in my life, I wish they would gust shout up, their really no better than anyone else !!! 😒



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