For Instance/ Poem by MwsR

Sad is when all hope fades

Random are the things I sometimes say

Hopeful yet so much to doubt

I know these feelings I have get tossed about.

Without ability to turn the page

So many feelings, so much rage

Often desperate but feeling secure

I understand , some, yetI am still not sure.

If onlys will take away your todays

Your right nows,often sneak far away.

Possibly the battle of a lifetime

I feel my heart will break often times

But if it could actually break

I could no more,take

So since I have endeavored and am still here

I think my life will finally feel the love that’s near.

Published by

Mws R

"If you are going to write, write from the heart." MwsR "Life has not been the easiest, but it could certainly have been worse!" MwsR Life is about doing all you can to help others. Don't go chasing rainbows, make your own pot of gold. Love, Hope, Faith, the greatest of these is Love!

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