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No one should wake up and say to their self, “You are worthless”

Yet often times there is someone who feels helpless.

Something is broken, not right

Someone tossed and turned all night.

People are fragile when it comes to emotions

They have so much inside it can cause a commotion.

Desperate they search for the easiest way

To hide all their emotions and tuck them away.

Regardless of effort their effort is often not enough

This world can be domineering and rough.

People get beat down, often times their heart starts to bleed

They take scraps instead of what they need

Settle for something instead of what they deserve

Rejected and torn, they use up their reserve

Without much warning they dissolve away

The parts that were created to last and stay

The heart is usually the first

They can’t replace what makes their soul thirst.

This vicious cycle repeats and depletes

One’s basic worth and self needs

Over time we grow accustom to being nothing

Having no heart left for something

It all starts with feeling worthless

Regardless of ones conscious

In spite of all effort given

Don’t stop believing

In yourself

Above all else.

MwsR <3




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