Time Standing Still/Poem Share

accuracy alarm clock analogue business
Photo by Mat Brown on Pexels.com

Imagine if you will

A place where time actually stood still.

A time where all that mattered was gone.

Not saying I had not a home

But a moment to reflect

Time for my soul to recollect

All that had perspired accumulated

Gathered in a sort of moments re-united.

I search no more,

Not in the frozen time warp

I only saw things in perspective

Saw the things around me that I collected

Even people and places and thoughts in no certain order

I would actually say, that mimicked a mental sort of disorder.

But time was on my side

I had no more secrets to hide

I actually felt one with my life

Saw my journey without feeling life’s knife

I paused, as if time was not still

Only to make sure I was not “ill”

And in another instance time resumed

I felt all disoriented and full of gloom

I liked imagining time at a standstill

Just to allow me to reflect as if looking through a windowsill.

If only, I thought, it could be

Then life would had been more special to me

Than cumbersome and such

But if I honest, that would be asking too much.


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