Best Crackers to Snack on/Did You Know?

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Are the ‘Reduced’ Versions All They’re Cracked Up to Be?

Three classic crackers come in two variations of the original—lower fat and lower sodium. But do you have to sacrifice flavor to get the nutritional benefits? Our trained sensory panelists did a blind taste test of the three varieties of Ritz, Triscuits, and Wheat Thins, and we analyzed the nutrition. Here, we recommend the best pick from each brand.

Triscuit Reduced Fat
Tastes similar to the original.
Only slightly lower in calories and fat than the original, but with an extra gram of fiber.
Though you save 100 mg of sodium with Hint of Salt Triscuits, the reduced-fat version is the top-rated cracker in our tests.

Ritz Hint of Salt
Same buttery flavor with the same crisp, flaky texture as the original.
About two-thirds less sodium than the original (30 milligrams vs. 105 milligrams per serving).
Reduced-fat Ritz has more sodium than the original and is noticeably drier and less tender and flaky.

Wheat Thins Hint of Salt
Flavor and texture are very similar to the original.
Big sodium savings: 55 milligrams per serving vs. 200 milligrams in the other two versions.
Reduced-fat Wheat Thins also tastes similar to the original, but sodium savings make Hint of Salt the better pick.

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