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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Deeper Shade of Blue


Tragedy is something that happens without warning

So to say you were a tragedy in my life would not be fair.

I knew how you were the day I met you.

It was like a deeper shade of blue.


Your smile somehow knew how to find me

I was your puppet for the day.

I did not question it at all.

With you I did not feel small.


I felt as if you knew my heart

Even as I took a breath I felt you anticipated that

Taking for granted, you did, that I would stay

I think you liked having your own way.


Smart, and conniving

You roped me in

Took my heart, and all that was within.

I shall never go back to who I was then.


Like a packaged delivery,

You had a destination in mind

Taking my peace and wrecking my once stable head

I would of done better, had I just been dead.


At least I would had been in a place of rest

Now there can be none inside my head

Battered and bruised, I am but a shallow of what I once was

That works perfectly for you, in the aspect of us.


Simply I walked away from you

Wresting with the remnants of us

In all the cluttered, messed up things

That used to be attached to all those chains.

MwsR ❤


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