Things You Should Not Throw Out

Slide 6 of 100: 5-Gallon BucketsFive-gallon buckets are super helpful around the house and in the garage. We've got a bunch of 5-gallon bucket hacks you can do.Make a tough, self-filling dog feeder from a couple of 5-gal. buckets. With a saber saw, cut the bottom off one bucket to create a serving tray, and cut a food dispensing hole in the food storage bucket (as shown). Cut part of the lip off the bottom of the food storage bucket to flatten it, then use silicone to glue the two pieces together.NOTE: Don't build this dog feeder unless your pooch can exercise some self-control.Check out our collection of clever and unusual ways to make your pet happier, healthier and more comfortable, using things you'll find around the house. — Justin Moujoodi5 Gallon buckets, feed you pets, using one.

Milk Jugs, to use as scoops for dog food or other things. Slide 10 of 100: Milk JugsYou don't need to save all your milk jugs but having a few extra around can be a real blessing. Check out 21 nifty ways to reuse plastic jugs and bottles at home.

Books, you can use to hold knifes.
        Slide 16 of 100: BooksWho says practical storage can't be pretty? This DIY Knife Block, made from old books, is a cinch to make. Simply pick some unique books in your favorite color scheme and tie them together tightly with twine to create the perfect home for all your kitchen knives. You can even create different color schemes based on the seasons and holidays, making this a versatile hack and way to figure out what to do with old books. Need more counter space to accommodate a knife holder? Need more counter space to accommodate a knife holder? Here's how! We've got 14 other ways to repurpose a pile of books you'll love.Photo: Courtesy of Home Talk

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