Keto Tips

  • Ghee is the shizzy. I mean, butter is awesome, but ghee is amazing, especially if you throw it on steak.
  • Take Omega-3! Seriously! You need to have more Omega 3 in your system than Omega-6 (all those fats you are consuming) otherwise all that oil and stuff will do you harm. 
  • Don’t drink alcohol unless you’re having a cheat day, because it literally stops your weight loss.
  • Cream cheese is not your friend, to make anything half decent you need a ton of it and it usually has a decent amount of carbs.
  • If you whisk up heavy cream and peanut butter (I like Teddie Flax PB) you can use less peanut butter to make more and create a creamy delicious mousse we like to call “Peanut Butter Delight” around here – add a little stevia if you want!
  • Lemon water is awesome (helps your ph which gets screwy on keto and makes you want to drink more). I LOVE True Lemon packets.
  • There are naturally low-carb dark chocolate chips out there that’ll solve any sweet craving.
  • Cast iron pans will make all of your meat taste better. 
  • Toast coconut flakes to make keto cereal!
  • Land O’ Lakes makes a whipped cream that’s sugar-free because it’s made with heavy cream. It has zero carbs and it’s amazing. Cool Whip also makes a heavy cream version that’s super low carb too, even lower than their sugar-free tub.
  • Anything that’s “light” or “sugar-free” is usually still full of carbs, sometimes more than the original one.
  • Don’t waste your time with low-fat anything, you need to have the highest percentage of fat in your diet, versus protein and carbohydrates otherwise, your protein will convert into sugar too.
  • Don’t eat too much bacon when you start or you will grow to hate bacon. No really, I was the baconator and I can’t even smell it now.
  • Make sure you’re digesting! If you’re not, you won’t lose weight and your belly will be mad at you.
  • Drink boullion, or throw some coconut oil in your coffee if you need a boost. Or, if you prefer supplements, take probiotics or psyllium husk.
  • Also, is a bible of good keto advice and stories.
  • Drink a shitton of water. I hate drinking water, I practically have an aversion to fluids (other than wine), but this is a must. If you drink a lot of water you’ll lose more weight, period.
  • Buy the pre-made boiled eggs in the bag to make quick and easy deviled eggs for a snack or breakfast! Most grocery stores and Walmart have them.

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