It is a pain, so much like the others

Deep and forthcoming most of my life

Something that is so much a part of me,

That I can feel it breath

So much a part that without it I would cease to exist

It was with me that day back in 1970

It has followed me like a lost puppy

Clings to me like a second skin

Tears my heart from within

I can no longer leave it in the hole

Where it was formed

Where it showed itself to me

I must let myself walk with it, eat with it,

Sleep with it, dream with it,

And most definitely, rise with it

If I were to name it,

It would be Sharon,

The name I was born with

It would be the darkest

Yet most enlightening piece ,of the now me

Together we will go though the rest of this life

Forever tormenting one another,

Yet gliding along with a purpose

Each, their own

Onward but yet still somehow backwards


Thank you for reading šŸ™‚