Another week is gone. This week I’ve had a cold and had to go see a doctor. I was prescribed some antibiotics. Hoping it works. I hope everyone is good and well.

Friday’s are always good for me. It means time for me to do whatever I wish over the weekend. I enjoy not having a schedule to bind me down, even if for a couple of days.

I am writing this as I am lying in bed. Yes, I am being productive while being lazy. Haha. I do my best thinking in the mornings, often.

I just wanted to mention something I find odd and strange. How many out there have people that I have liked a post that you’ve posted, and then you go to check out the person’s page that did that and word press says they are no longer operating or can be found? This has happened to me many times. I often check the people who have read or liked my posts.

Too many times I have run across the ”site no longer found” or. ” site cannot be found” or ” user cannot be found”. This is troubling to me. I find it unsettling. Perhaps, those people are spammers. Maybe they are sneaking around for things to duplicate or use without rights to it. I don’t know. I would love to hear you guys and what you think about it. Yes, check out who checks your site out. It is in your best interest.


What do you think?

I eagerly await your answers. And I shall see you on this side of the rainbow. Remember you are worth loving, caring, specialness.


Thank you for reading 🙂