Brain Fog?

5 Foods that Cause Brain Fog 

1. Histamines
– You may have heard of histamines. They are what cause allergy symptoms. People take antihistamine drugs during allergy season to fight the effects of pollen in the air.

But histamines are in foods too, and if you are sensitive to them, they may be causing your brain fog. Foods high in histamine include shellfish, legumes, and nuts.

Instead try: Meat, poultry, eggs, salmon, fresh produce.

sparkling water with fruit on white towel

2. Alcohol – Impaired thinking is obvious when it comes to drinking too much, but it can be true with a little alcohol, too. Alcohol contains lots of brain fog triggers, including gluten and histamines.

Instead try: Switching to sparkling water with a squeeze of lemon or lime. If you want to fancy it up, add some fresh fruit.

3. Artificial sweeteners – Those handy little packets of aspartame can give you headaches and brain fog. It stops the production of dopamine and can cause inflammation in the brain that leads to long-term damage.

Instead try: Skipping the sweeteners entirely, or use stevia. It’s a natural sweetener that doesn’t have negative side effects.

4. Gluten – We all know about the health problems that gluten can cause. But did you know that the inflammation that gluten causes can have an effect on your brain?

Instead try: An alternative flour like almond flour or oat flour.

cup of coffee on marble table

5. Coffee and Caffeine – You may find it odd that caffeine could cause brain fog. After all, don’t we drink our coffee to wake us up and clear our heads? The problem with caffeine is that once you get used to having it, you become dependent upon it.

That leads to brain fog hitting any time that you go without caffeine for too long. Plus, there is a greater risk of missing out on sleep because the caffeine is keeping you up.

Instead try: Breaking the caffeine cycle by cutting back slowly. Drink plenty of water and switch to decaf or herbal teas. Turmeric tea may give you the energy you miss from caffeine without the brain fog problem.

Brain fog often comes on slowly, so you don’t always recognize you feel it until you remove the foods that cause it from your diet.

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