Summer Thoughts

Sweet Tea
Long, lingering kisses
The red chested robin
Moonlit strolls
Sunny days for reminiscing

Swirled ice cream cones
Soft grass under your bare feet
Lightening bugs all aglow
Skipping rocks on the river
A bright, sandy beach

Pink skies at night
Wild Sunflower fields
Drives with no particular destination
An Eagle in flight

Romance novels
Picnics in the park
Fizzy ginger-ale over ice
Children’s laughter
Swimming after dark

Wild Berries
The whistle of the meadowlark
Tadpoles and butterflies
Wishes on a dandelion
Echo of the lone dog’s bark

Fiery Sunrises
Gentle ocean breezes
Long afternoon naps
Ice cold pop
Soft buzzzzzz of bees

Fourth of July
Ruby tomatoes from the vine
Crisp corn on the cob
Frosted glasses of lemonade
The sultry sunshine

Cool shade of the maple tree
Flip flops and beach towels
Scent of driftwood
Sleeping by the sea

Of you and me


Thank you for reading 🙂