War With Ourselves, by MwsR

Do you battle anyone who chooses differently than you do?
Is there not anything good that happens to you?
Maybe turn and look real hard at your own self,
Look at the blame you’ve bestowed on everyone else.
Maybe, just maybe, it happened the way it did because of your actions.
Just maybe it was because of your reactions.
The hardest thing can be analyzing
Seeing what’s wrong and start focusing to remove the things that are paralyzing.
Instead of laying blame,
Try to get rid of your own shame.
Nothing can be done until you stop and think
Sometimes things happen in a blink.
Quit talking, gossiping, and stop tearing down
We all have an occasion to wear a frown.
Maybe it’s you, you are the one
Maybe our war is with ourselves, not with someone.

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚