Excerpt from my book, “Heart Songs”

Where Do You Set Your Heart?

I wonder where you set your heart,
While the world is falling apart in your soul?
Do you just untie the strings and let things go?
My heart is not able to take the hurt and pain
See my actions I have had to restrain
I really had hope, well, just a little
That I would see good things not bad, somewhere in the middle.

My soul is broken, my mind is tired
I wish there would be a restful day, instead things are getting mired.
How do you make someone see the full picture?
Do you grab them and shake them, because that is what I figure?
When a person’s soul is so torn
When the past can’t be reborn

What is there left at the final part?
Why does it feel that I have a shattered heart?
So much in so few days
Nothing really left to say?
Inward it is a battle,
Outward I am like a kid trying to fit in an adult sized saddle.


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