MwsR Writings


“Some of God’s greatest gifts are UNANSWERED prayers.”🎶

I have slowly realized this as I age. Notice I wrote age not get old…lol
I sometimes contemplate my whole life, the good, the bad, the unpredictable, the messy, the sadness, and pain, the joy, the same, and it is overwhelming at times.
Much of what I thought I wanted, I really didn’t. Much of what I thought I needed, more than not, it was not true.
Why do we presume that we can control our lives in every facet? Do we not know from past times and lots of “do-overs”, we can’t!
I guess the important lesson we should take from this is, that taking one step forward sometimes is all we can do and wanting something doesn’t mean we need it.
Learn to let yourself off the hook because there is no way we know what all we really need nor do we know what is always best for us. We are bound to mess up. We are going to seek the wrong things at times. That is just our nature.
Trust that there is an Almighty power at work in this life. Look to him for your answers.

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