Blue ~ Boo!

Most kids grow up hearing ghost stories and things about evil and rarely ever see the evil that lives and breathes right alongside them, daily.


Sometimes it isn’t what we cannot see that scares us, but what we actually do see.


Blue always looked forward to Halloween events and the whole idea of dressing up and pretending to be something she wasn’t in real life and perhaps someone she wished herself to be. She always got to choose a costume out that she wanted and her mother would sew or make it. Her mother was the best seamstress she had ever known. She could literally make anything she saw or had a pattern for. She self taught herself too. No fancy school was needed because she must of been born with the gift naturally. Blue loved the things her mother would make and sew together for her. She never stopped to think how lucky she really was to have such a gifted mother. I guess when your young and naïve you seldom see the beauty in things that you have, or you just don’t realize the luck you have.

Well, this year at Halloween Blue wanted to be Cinderella. She needed a mask and was kind of scared to ask her mother for one. She never wanted her mother to feel that she was ungrateful for anything and perhaps asking for a store-bought mask, it might make her mother think that way. She had been in the department store with her grandmother and aunt last week and she spied a Cinderella mask for dressing up. Blue had brown hair and knew that to pull off Cinderella she would need the appropriate color of hair and this mask had that. She was hesitant to ask for it, but she really needed it to complete her costume this year.

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Image result for halloween costumes in the 1970s

Blue gathered up her courage and went to ask her mother for the Cinderella mask from Roses. As she approached her unsuspecting mother she noticed her mother was watching the Price Is Right tv show and she cleared her throat to get her mother’s attention. Her mother looked her way and before she really thought it out, she blurted out, “Can you get me a Cinderella mask, they have one at Roses?” Her mother said, “If it is not too costly I will go get it after work today.” Wow, that was easier than Blue had imagined. her mother did not even question her. She did ask, however, what color of princess dress did she want to have with it? Blue said, “Well, blue color, of course.”

Her mother brought the mask home as soon as she came home from work. She said for Blue not to damage it or tear it up because she would not receive a replacement if she did. Blue was so excited she went into her room and opened the box and tried on the mask. “Perfect fit”, she said. She could just imagine how she would look come Halloween night all dressed up in her costume and she smiled such a big smile, it was almost as wide as the Eerie Canal. What a wonderful time it will be she thought to herself.

Blue was so excited she went to school the next day bragging, about her mask. Several of the kids said they too, were going as Cinderella. Blue actually felt like she was special since she had the same thing others wanted too. When she was doing classwork it was really hard for her to focus on the work since all she could think of was the Cinderella in her head, the one she was going to be for Halloween, she could not wait.

Proud as she was, of her costume for this year’s Halloween, that could not take away the darkness she sometimes felt inside. Halloween was good and all, but she knew exactly what a monster was, personally. She felt the horror, down deep, inside her soul. She lived with a monster every day. Hee took her safe place, surrounded it with evil and made sure she felt isolated and alone. He was someone whom she needed to be able to trust, but he only gave her a lack of trust.

Her own father was her personal monster. He preyed on her innocents and he took her as a hostage to his desires of sinful lust. He was the biggest monster she knew. He would always be the thing she feared the most. Instead of running, it would be many years of torture she would endure. When she became an adult she would no longer trust people, especially those who said they truly loved her. Because of her father, she would doubt that she could ever be much. Because of him, she forever knew “Boo” …

To be continued....
MwsR ❤

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Mws R

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