Howdy all…

I was thinking this morning about our laws.

Laws for the most part was made to protect each and every individual. Right? Yet I have seen it destroy, demoralize, and wreck people and their lives, all in the same manner of being made to do the opposite. Law’s in general should not hurt people, they should protect those of us who are in the right. Laws should help us to feel protected. Laws should help keep order and structure to our lives, and those of our neighbors around us.

Laws should never hurt us. They do though. Some protect the wrong people and some endanger us. Let’s be honest about it. There is always going to be an exception. Always. I guess the biggest reason laws can destroy a person or hurt them is because they were found unjustly convicted of a crime they did not do. Or perhaps false accusations and lies were believed over the real truth. I see it and I am sure you can say you have heard of that yourself. Just watch our news. It is everywhere. People write books about it, and there are news articles about it, even movies made about it.

No matter how good a system is or a law is, there is going to be problems , somewhere.

I know you have heard of people committing suicide because they were found guilty of an infraction or because they could not live with the shame and guilt of it all being made public or even the whole investigative process. Marriages are ruined, families get torn apart, and people lose their jobs over stuff like this.

While laws keep us safe for the most part, they have their issues. You can have corrupt people making laws, bending the rules, and creating scapegoats for their own agendas,. It just is.

I am grateful that our nation has laws to protect us and so forth. I am also heartbroken that sometimes, no matter how not guilty some people are, that they are destroyed by the whole process, sometimes. Not always, but sometimes. If we did not have laws our system, our society would be a place of chaos and evil.

Perhaps there is not a way to guarantee that a person who is not guilty of something, never gets accused, or harmed in being accused. I tend to believe that our world will still try its darndest to be fair and equal to each other. Yes, even with those who are guilty, as well.

So what are your thoughts? Have anything to say? Let me know!

Has a law destroyed or helped a family member of yours?

Thank you for reading 🙂