Diabetes, Not Defeat!
By MwsR

I sit here drinking my coffee as I often do
I find myself thinking of you.
Hard to imagine my life before you came
Since you’ve been here my whole life has changed.
You came like a Lion ready to devour its prey
All I could do was just pray that day.
We have since been closer than almost any other thing.
It’s like we are wed without the wedding ring.
I can’t say I haven’t thought of just leaving you
But I thought by now there’d be a scientific breakthrough.
When I am out and about on the town
You are there right beside me, and I frown.
If I exercise you have to be there making sure that I feel your presence
I wish sometimes you’d be absent!
To feel what I once felt
To not worry about stretching my belt,
These things have become prominent to me
I wish for the day you would leave me.
If you left I probably would cry
But hey, that would be me saying goodbye.
Tears of joy people would say
That would be a phenomenal day!
For now, though it’s like a bad twin
You tell me how…I make the when,
I choose to acknowledge you
To understand and fight too.
The diabetes you rule but I tell you how
And without me, you have no power now.
Sink or swim is the saying for this disease
Just don’t say “Defeated”, if you please.

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