Diabetes, Not Defeat!
By MwsR

I sit here drinking my coffee as I often do
I find myself thinking of you.
Hard to imagine my life before you came
Since you’ve been here my whole life has changed.
You came like a Lion ready to devour its prey
All I could do was just pray that day.
We have since been closer than almost any other thing.
It’s like we are wed without the wedding ring.
I can’t say I haven’t thought of just leaving you
But I thought by now there’d be a scientific breakthrough.
When I am out and about on the town
You are there right beside me, and I frown.
If I exercise you have to be there making sure that I feel your presence
I wish sometimes you’d be absent!
To feel what I once felt
To not worry about stretching my belt,
These things have become prominent to me
I wish for the day you would leave me.
If you left I probably would cry
But hey, that would be me saying goodbye.
Tears of joy people would say
That would be a phenomenal day!
For now, though it’s like a bad twin
You tell me how…I make the when,
I choose to acknowledge you
To understand and fight too.
The diabetes you rule but I tell you how
And without me, you have no power now.
Sink or swim is the saying for this disease
Just don’t say “Defeated”, if you please.

Thank you for reading 🙂