I See This Space
by Me…MwsR

There is so much to remember
So much that it makes me limber
It was another time
It was another place
With different things
With different faces
A mere shadow of me to come
The one who chanced to love someone
The part that made me dance
The one others gave no second glance
No second chance
Strange yet all to close
Nothing will ever rid me of all those ghosts
A train track without an end
Tracing steps like they’re an old friend
Walking alone but really I’m never
Seems it’s common for me to weather.
Glass with a small crack
The crack is always seen but never fixed
I see this space
It’s familiar
It’s large enough to hold
All I am
It’s truly bold
But its never released me.
Not sure if I want to be.
Staying in this space until all eternity.

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