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Aogashima Volcano, Japan

“Japan’s Hidden Tropical Island: Aogashima”

Many of the people think that Japan has only four Islands,But in reality japan is having several islands with different sizes.Aogashima is a tropical volcanic island in the Philippine Sea.The shape of the island, which is a small mountain in the volcanic vent, seems like it might even have been designed by someone.It is administrated by Tokyo but is located very far approximately about 358 kilometers (222 mi) south of Tokyo.It a small island in Southern Japan that lies in the Pacific Ocean and the most isolated inhabited island of the Izu archipelago.The volcanic island is about 3.5 km in length with a maximum width of 2.5 km.It is formed by the overlapping remnants of at least four submarine calderas.The village of Aogashima is administered under Hachijo Subprefecture of Tokyo Metropolis.The Island itself is a giant volcanic carter and within that carter there’s another small volcano.As of 2010, the 9 square kilometer island has 98 households and a population of 165, making it the smallest village in whole Japan.The island only has one post office and one primary school with 25 students,when they reach 15 years they have to go to high school on mainland.

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The distinctive characteristic of this island is that it has a small crater within the larger crater,which is formed by an eruption in 1783 to 1785. This small crater is called Maruyama and is still emitting geothermal steam around an area where no plants are seen.Looking almost identical like Jurassic Park-like natural fortress, the volcanic island is known as a caldera.According to the records,The first written records of the island appear around the 15th century.It can be seen that many of them are of shipwrecks so there’s a strong possibility that sailors may have taken refuge on the island and eventually they may made it their home place.It is last erupted in the 1780′s,During 1781-1785 the eruptions led to mass evacuation in 1783 and then severe casualties in 1785 – over 1/3 of the population. The only way to reach the island is either through Sanbō port on a small ship during calm seas or chartered helicopter.

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