If They Knew, by MwsR

If people could feel what it is that makes a person’s heart want to Crawl outside their body, then they would know.

When the hurt is so bad, you feel your heart start to slow.

Love can do that for many reasons.

It does not differentiate between “human” seasons.

It doesn’t start or end there,

It will creep out from behind and sense where you are, anywhere.

It is hard to let others know what you feel when there are no words

No reason or rhyme, when you feel absurd.

It is an inner thing,

When in the balance of life or the death thing.

If people only knew what I would do for one last conversation with you,

For one more hello or goodbye, one more word or two.

It’s easy to be distracted, not taking into account those you’ve impacted.

For if you knew you could make changes that need to be made

Go outside and sing in the rain,

Walk with your loved one hand in hand,

Not let anything remove you from where you stand.

It is easy to pass condemnation,

That is what is wrong today with our whole nation.

One cannot know all there is to know,

Just by living, without anything to show.

I have had chances, maybe blew a couple or a few,

But there is one thing that would have made a difference,

Usually, it is, “If they only knew…”

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