Extra Effort, Sudden Chance by MwsR

The times I thought that would pass this way again
Where you could do and say what you wanted to
Never came for me and you.
Thinking that we could make up for things left unfinished
For things that were questioned but never answered
It all sounds so absurd….now.
What part of life do we actually ever control?
Is it written down somewhere I’d like to know where
But if you ask me it is nowhere, I swear?
Sudden comes disappointment and regret
Hardly ever do we actually live life to it’s all
Taking notice only if we begin to fall.
If only we could see ahead and know our time was short
I think we would make the most of it
So we wouldn’t have limits.
What is there, right before our eyes
Sometimes makes us too cozy to take the opportunity
I don’t wish that on you or me.
Spend that extra minute making things right,
Saying those words that you want to say
And stop leaving undone what you want to stay.
A man is no keeper of the next moment,
No owner of life and circumstance
Take the extra effort, take the sudden change.

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