Poem by MwsR


Perhaps this is a test

Maybe a trial

Should we all sit back and think of it a while

Does our future lie in wait?

Maybe dreams are second to this

Perhaps there is something greater we might miss.

A greater force is present

Something more to the equation, despite

Our best efforts, from everyone running with fright.

There is a time for everything

A time to mend,

A time to bend

There is time to heal and resist being ill

Somethings under the sun will hurt like a quill

Sometimes there will be rumors and such

Bringing our full attention, we should, very much

Time to help, if we will

Give back and support others still.

Things are meant to change

This sometimes means making a radical move

Making sense of this, because there is much to prove

Our minds need rest,

Our bodies need strength

The people need answers, the need restrictive covenant.

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