Poem by MwsR

Spring by MwsR

Many things come to mind when I think of spring.
One of them is that the flowers start to bloom and new things begin.
I love the newness of life, be it flowers, or babies, or animals.
The tiniest of things can make the biggest room in your heart if only you look.
Sometimes we ourselves need a new beginning, a new life season.
It is so easy to get bogged down by bills, relationships, and trials we face.
I think that everyone has a piece inside them that is just laying there waiting to be re-born.
I think that we all would like to have a second chance, a second glance, and more importantly a time when our spirits are renewed, possibly a time when our faith is restored and our minds can settle.
I love nature, and the treasures it has.
I encourage you to stop and literally smell the roses, find your safe place or your tranquil spirit.
It is there…really it is.
No one can do it for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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