I Wonder By MwsR

Will there come a time
In this life of mine
That I will be free.

There is so much bottled inside
So many things I did not say back then,
In the days where fear let sickness win.

I wonder if the people from long ago
Know how much they really did
know how much they hurt me so?

See a person should never feel shameful
For what others think of them,
They should not be accountable, it isn’t their sin.

There is a place where my heart and mind revisit
It is not a kind place, but rather avoid, a heart fall.
It flows ever so often, though because of it, I will not crawl.

Despite the things I had to endure,
Had to deal with and so forth, nor did I choose
It has no rope around my dreams it can never have those.

I wonder why we are subjected to a cruel man’s hand
Is it to rise and be better than the ordinary man?
I will always wonder, and yet always stand.

*For those out there struggling with something someone you love or trust has done to you,
It does not have to crush your dreams or make your heart fall…
It does not have to do anything. It is your call.

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