Hey Guys!

Well, how are you all? Anyone out there that is reading this, contracted the deadly Corona Virus? Anyone out there know of another person with it? I do. A member of my church and a dear friend has contracted this Corona Virus. This is so devastating to hear, since he has been trying rehabilitate from a knee surgery that went wrong, and other complications. If you are a praying person, would you please help me pray for him? I really want him to pull through this. As well as for the others who have it currently and are bound to get it, I pray that they too will make it.

There has been so many things changing in our world, especially things that are not in our control. This can make us stand closer to each other, although sometimes many will not pull closer to another, for whatever reason that would be. I have seen communities around me pull together and work to make things safer for the medical personnel, the store clerk, and the helpless. It warms a person’s heart.

Our world needs us to pull together. There are so many of us suffering from this isolation, of being made to stay home. There are those who are having to watch helplessly while others are taking their last breath. These are people they love and want to support but because of this isolation when having Coronavirus, they cannot.

I really think for some this has been an eye opener. For others this has been one of the hardest things they have had to endure, thus far. I wish to see the day when this all is but a memory. I want people to stop having to suffer. I want us all to carry on like these are the best years left of our lives, each and everyone of us. I want us to love harder, and without resentments, live prouder, knowing we are doing the best we can, and to emotional let our love reach whomever may need it.

I hope you all know how important you are. How very unique and how very special you are. You deserve an overabundance of caring, love, and an undying faith.

I hope if you need help, you will get it and I wish you all the best of love, live, and health.

Just a note to tell you what’s on my heart.

Peace and Health,


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