“Not today”, by MwsR

“Can I talk to you?” I say
You reply, “Not today.”
I wonder if you know the sleepless nights I lay awake and cry
Do you know how hard it has been? I feel like I could die.
I sometimes run for the phone thinking this time it will be you,
But it seldom ever is, oh how I wish it to be you, it’s true!
You say you’re busy and you say it’s okay.
But I know things are not that way.
I wonder if you contemplate your future for even a little?
Do you know you put us in the middle?
I wish that you had of listened while you were still here,
Then we would not have so much to endure.
Sometimes whether you acknowledge things or not
Time has a way of securing the endless knot.
The kind that burns down deep inside a person’s soul,
The one that wants let me let you go.
I often sit and think about the past
But I know it isn’t there that matters, it is in what is here that lasts.
If we can take what little we think we are or the little we have,
We can cover any wound, just like a salve.
Please come out of this funk you are in
Look around and start again.
Make the most of each day you’ve been given
Start taking charge and start believing.
Life gives us sometimes, only one chance to change.
Don’t let trouble mess you up, or help to pass the blame.
You are in my heart, my soul and mind,
Now it is time to take off those blinders because you aren’t blind.
When I ask you to talk, say okay.
I might just have something important to say.
I don’t want to take your time,
Just want you to know I will give you mine.
I will help where help is to be given
But it is truly your life, your own life you have and need to be living.

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