Windows by MwsR

I see it all so clearly now, as if I was looking at it all through my front window pane.

The journey that made me into the person I now am and often times had to refrain.

A badge if you will, of things I endured, things I could not let go of, and things I will always remember.

I felt often times, like a visitor not a family member.

This window allowed me to see, the parts that I embraced, the parts that I hid, and the ones in between.

The parts of the whole that makes up , the “me”.

Sometimes while looking through this window, it has condensation and dirt that makes things appear different than they were, and are.

When this happens, I look for all those hidden scars.

Windows can reflect light as much as they can reflect heat.

It makes no difference to me, that is part of my heart’s beat.

It is what makes me human, and able to feel things deeply and eternalize things that have made me.

I would not ask for another life, not for one moment, you see.

Window or not I can pull things out and reach from experiences, from trials, and deceptions.

I can use them and concentrate on them with great reflections.

Windows, like our lives can be adorned with things, given great presence, and stationary things.

But what is worth more than all that, more than keeping them clean, or adorned in things, is what they actually bring.

As if our lives were not enough without all that, windows are worth more than gold.

Windows are worth more than gold.

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