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In a world where anyone can be almost anything they want, why do some humans choose to be cruel?

I have fought with an answer to this question. I remember when a friend of mine asked this very thing. She was certainly not looking for an answer, merely commenting on things that were being discussed, in our psychology class. We were discussing human nature and how sometimes that human nature, can be one of two things, a nurturer or one of a harmer. Now, this is not to say that all humans have the innate purpose of either nurture or harm, but these were the two aspects we had been discussing.

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I think that there are factors in each humans life that can and do impact which one of the two natures we will choose . Family life plays a big part in how some people learn to interact and co-exist with others. If you grew up in a family that was one of sharing and helping, then more than not you will be the nurturer kind of human. If your family was never really close and kept secrets from each other, and tended to go their own way, excluding others in the family, then you would probably not be a nurturer.

Another factor could be our experiences with love, loss, or being hurt. If when faced with any of these, we dealt with things in a manner conducing things like healing and moving past, we might tend to know more about nurturing, and would reflect that in our human nature. If when any of these have left us impaired, scared, or unable to move past things, we might tend to fall somewhere in the harmer human nature.

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A lot of things can impact a person’s ability to function or conduct their selves in a productive and useful way. For instance, if your mother or father never disciplined you, you may have never learned from any consequences of your actions. If you had been taught to take what you want, for example, you would inevitably still do that as an adult, as a human. That would mean you were of a harmer nature. After all, you would not be able to take everything you want without taking some from another, at some point.

As I suggested, lots of factors impact a human’s reactions, actions, and thoughts. Some that they may not be aware of. To answer that question would be to first examine another person’s life. Then you would need to find out their reason’s behind their actions, and finally, you would need to know them or talk with them more to know for sure.

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Instead of trying to answer that question, maybe we should try to examine our own lives, first. Do we contribute to another human’s ability to harm another? Do we inadvertently turn a blind eye to things in this world that need to change? Our we doing the best we can to counteract the harmful ways people get treated?

Perhaps, we should be the difference we wish to see in others. Maybe just maybe our world can do better, starting one human at a time.

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I shall see you on this side of the rainbow~!

Take care and love one another!

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