Upcycle~ Magazine Side Table

Upcycling Table Tisch Magazine Record Schallplatte


  • Old catalogues or magazines (they should be of the same size)
  • A record (or alternative table-top)
  • Paperclips
  • Coloured sticky/duct tape
  • All-purpose glue (or hot glue)

Firstly, take a magazine and open it to the 10th (or so) page. Roll it up to the left until the left edges of the pages touch the spine of the magazine.


Roll up the next 10 pages (you don’t have to count, just estimate it 🙂 ) until their edges touch each other. Then fix it with a paper clip as close as possible to the back of the magazine.

How to make a table out of magazines

Repeat the second step until you’re at the second to last page. The last page shouldn’t be rolled up, yet.


Now you need the next magazine of the same size. Put the last page of the first magazine on top of the cover of the second one and roll them up as before, together with the first few pages of the magazines.


Repeat this until you think it is enough 🙂 (It depends on the thickness of the pages and how many pages your magazines have.) Don’t roll the last few pages, yet.


Now stand the whole thing up (hereby the paper clips are important, otherwise the pages might open again). Now you can roll in the last pages and fix them to the first pages of the first magazine using a paper clip.


Next you stick the sticky tape around the whole thing on top and again on the bottom.

How to make a table out of magazines upcycling

Now you can remove the paper clips and make the second level as you did the first. It is important that the magazines of one level are of the same size, but all the levels don’t necessarily have to be even. However you prefer 🙂

Make as many levels as you want, depending on how high you want the table to be.

Now cut a piece of paper so that it matches the top of the table leg (in a circle) and stick one piece on top of each level. Glue the levels on top of each other and glue the record on top.


Done 🙂 I hope this was understandably phrased!

At our place the environmental-friendly table embellishes one corner of our living room together with my globe lamp 🙂


At my brother’s there is also one of my tables 🙂


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