MwsR Writings

There is so much conflict in our world today. People are attacking each other through words, actions, and media. No-one is looking at what they, themselves are doing to contribute to the tragedies and conflict, before us.

I worry about our world. I personally see the effects of a selfish society, that has no regard for others. Not everyone is of this nature, and for that, we should be very grateful. Tearing another’s belief, opinion, or their lives apart, is simply wrong. We should let each person live as they see fit and in keeping with a peaceful and respectful kind of way. We do not have to believe as another, walk as another, talk as another, to be important, and to be right. There is so much more to being human than being that way.

Try accepting to disagree, try praying for those who despise you, and criticize you. Trying sharing your gifts, your talents, or anything you can to reach another human being. Try using your heart instead of your ego. Let others live as they wish, if it does not harm you or your friends, or your family, or our world. Leave the swift justice to the ones who are in authority over us. Leave bitter feelings in your prayers of suffering. They only time you should look down on someone is when you are there to lift them up. Don’t play the blame game. There are no winners in that game.

~Let us love and live in peace and unity! We can still stand together, even though we are in different places.

~Don’t accept less than you are willing to do for another. But always try to give no matter what.

~Loving another, does not mean you agree with everything they do.

~Turn the other cheek, if you don’t you will never be able to see the other side.


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