As If

by MwsR

As if my hurting was not enough

You create this journey that’s tough,

Wanting desperately to be “normal”, feel normal.

This is my normal.

I hear what you say, my heart wants to stay

My head wants to walk away.

Seems things are so scattered now

What can I possibly do anyhow.

Like a switch that’s been used too long

I feel the weakness from it all, I’m not that strong.

Must I explain everything

Must I endure so much pain

“ you’ll be alright dear”, is all I hear, it’s insane.

Some people bounce through life

I fell into mine.

I didn’t ask for the harmful effects

From someone else’s neglect.

I pray for help

For strength, for sanity, for clarity

No more pain, loss of caring, and no more disparity.

If I could just heal, I’d be alright

As if it’s too much for me to ask

Such a burden, such a task.

If it’s God’s plan

I’ll do all I can.

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