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E-cigarettes contain acrolein, which is a herbicide used to kill weeds.[6]

Scientists note that vaping could aggravate the symptoms of COVID-19. Because vaping causes respiratory and lung problems, experts say vaping could make symptoms of the coronavirus worse.[4]

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are also called e-hookahs, vapes, vape pens, and electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS).[5]

E-cigarettes heat liquid (e-juice) to create an aerosol that users inhale. The liquid can contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) , CBD oil, and other flavors, substances, and additives.[5]

E-cigarettes produce several dangerous chemicals that can cause lung disease and cardiovascular disease.

These chemicals include acetaldehyde, acrolein, and formaldehyde.[6]

Second-hand vaping smoke contains toxic substances, such as nicotine, diacetyl (a chemical linked to serious lung disease), organic compounds (e.g.benzene), and heavy metals (nickel, tin, and lead).[6]

Studies show that if teens begin to vape with sweet flavors, such as mango or cotton candy, they are more likely to become addicted for life.[6]

Using e-cigarettes increases the likelihood of catching cold and flu viruses.[6]If a young adult or youth uses e-cigarettes, it increases the likelihood that they will start using traditional cigarettes.[6

Approximately 2/3 of teens who vape use fruit-flavored e-juice. Mint and menthol are the most popular.[6]

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