Uses For Dish Soap

  • One of my favorite uses for dish soap/ dish detergent is killing fleas. I use Dawn dish detergent on my dogs when I bathe them. It kills the fleas and is safe enough for my beloved pets.
  • Another use for dish detergent is killing ants. If you mix mouthwash, Dawn dish detergent, and hydrogen peroxide you can spray the areas you have ants and they will die or disappear.
  • I have seen other uses for dish detergent, for instance, washing windows, blinds, and floors.
  • You can unclog your toilet with dish detergent. Pour into toilet from waist height and then using a plunger, and warm water, plunge the toilet.
  • You can take the grease out of your clothes and garments. Put some dish detergent on the spot you are needing, gently scrub into the material the dish detergent and allow it to stay till the next day. Then launder as needed.
  • Dish detergent,Dawn is my preferred kind, is gentle enough to use on many types of materials and surfaces. it can spot clean your carpet, furniture, and things, even your pets.
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