Some people want to be near to their family, but can’t. People who wish more than anything things were different, those same people desire to belong.

Don’t forget your blessings, pray for those who are struggling today and every day, just to be asked to be in someone’s life.

Count your blessings

Remember life isn’t guaranteed. Get over past judgments and hurts or feelings that keep you from receiving blessings.

When Thanksgiving Changed by MwsR

The day has always been celebrated without your presence

The talk never has included you

But when it’s mentioned, it’s of course blamed on you.

No verbal request for you to attend

No reaching out to you to try and heal or mend

It’s okay to point fingers at you

Even though it’s okay to assume.

If you were meant to be there

There’d be no doubt left in the air

You’d feel that, right?

No need to fuss or fight

Instead, Thanksgiving changed

When no one spoke your name

When life without you was expected

Needless to say, the lack of effort, feeling rejected.

When Thanksgiving changed you weren’t there

Even though you wanted to be, you wanted them to care

You wanted to be included more than in a passing thought

It was belonging that you sought.

Go ahead and pass the blame

Don’t let it change anything

But when this old life nears its end

Maybe then…

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