The Eat Stop Diet

The Eat Stop Eat Diet Involves Fasting For 24 Hours At A Time (

a woman holding a cup: There are very few meals—whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner—that are as nutritious, as satisfying, and as well-balanced as a smoothie. Even fewer are as quick and easy to make.While most of us are well aware that much of What Happens to Your Body When You Drink a Smoothie Every Day is positive, that doesn't mean there are no negative effects. What we don't realize is that if we blindly believe in smoothies' health halo, it can falsely mislead us into thinking that any smoothie we come across is good for us. And that's far from the case.Smoothies are good for you because they help you get your daily dose of fruits and veggies along with plenty of micronutrients that can do anything from improving your skin to keeping your mind sharp. Of course, that all depends on what you put in them—as well as what you leave out of them. We're here to reveal the disastrous mistakes you're making with your smoothie that essentially render its health benefits useless. These missteps may widen your waistline by increasing your calorie intake or even preventing you from feeling full after a meal. Read on, and for more on how to eat healthy, make sure you avoid these 108 Most Popular Sodas Ranked By How Toxic They Are.

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