Bruschetta Recipes Share

I love Bruschetta. Don’t you? It is so yummy. I found some recipes to share. Click link below.


22 Easy (but Fancy) Bruschetta Recipe Ideas to Try at Home (

Slide 2 of 22: The word "bruschetta" often refers to tomato-topped bread when used stateside, but it actually has way less to do with produce than you may think. Technically, the only must is grilled bread that's been rubbed with garlic and topped with salt and olive oil—you can supplement with cheese, cured meats, veggies and beyond, hence this snack-filled masterpiece. Get the recipe
Slide 3 of 22: You can't go wrong with the classic combo of tomatoes, garlic, fresh dill and EVOO. Pro tip: Drain the tomatoes a bit after dicing them to avoid soggy crostini down the road. Get the recipeSlide 4 of 22: Mediterranean meets Italian (meets our mouths). Think garlicky poached shrimp, sun-dried tomatoes, capers and tangy feta atop a layer of herbaceous pesto. Get the recipeSlide 7 of 22: Briny, creamy, crunchy—this creative take truly has it all. We especially love the addition of uber-sweet cara cara orange juice in the olive relish. Get the recipe

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