Poem Share~ LXI, A Lament by W. Drummond, book by Francis T. Palgrave

My thoughts hold mortal strife;

I do detest my life,

And with lamenting cries

Peace to my soul bring

Oft call that prince which here doth monarchize;

_But he, grim grinning King,

Who caitiffs scorns, and doth the blest surprize,

Late having deck’d with beauty’s rose his tomb,

Disdains to crop a weed, and will not come.

W, Drummond
Photo by R. Fera on Pexels.com

Published by

Mws R

"If you are going to write, write from the heart." MwsR "Life has not been the easiest, but it could certainly have been worse!" MwsR Life is about doing all you can to help others. Don't go chasing rainbows, make your own pot of gold. Love, Hope, Faith, the greatest of these is Love!

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