Blue And School

Written by MwsR

The first day back at school was both exciting and mysterious for Blue. She wondered what it would be like. She had lots of things she pondered on, like who was going to be her teachers, would she like them, would any of her best buddies be in her same classes, and did she have enough supplies for school, etc. She was always allowed one day when her parents and her and her brother were off to the city to look for school supplies and back to school outfits for them to wear, a whole week worth too. Although, her family was not endowed with a lot of money, her parents make a special effort to at least get five whole outfits. To Blue who had long figured out something very useful, she made each outfit coordinate with the other. This gave Blue more outfits! Smart thinking.

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Blue would head out the door, to get in the family car, because they had to be driven by their parents. This was because it was a private school they attended , not public where school buses took the students to school. Her parents wanted her in a private Christian school. Although, Blue knew lots of public school students, from hanging out at the local mall or roller skating places. Private schools were smaller in size, smaller in ratios, and included things like Bible Class, and Awana Clubs, and Chapel services. You wouldn’t find that in the public school setting. The private school pledged allegiance every morning to the American flag, the Christian flag, and the Bible. Blue felt comfortable at her school and felt that she had the opportunity to make a difference with her talents, like music and singing. This school had an amazing choir, that went to compete in state competitions. Blue was always in choir.

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Blue looked forward to meeting her buddies again. The summertime break was far too long for her. She thrived amongst her close friends and loved being back around them. Not any of them knew much about Blue’s turmoiled home life, however. She felt if she was to tell them they would not want to be around her or ever do much with her. Her secret home life was just that, a secret. Blue played sports for her school. She loved the comradery and was happy to be in basketball, and volleyball, and she went on to be a cheerleader. After away games, the team would stop before returning home and eat at a restaurant or fast food place. This was always fun. At Blue’s house there was very little eating out. In her house, her mom cooked all the meals. Once in a while on a Saturday, Blue would be out with her mom and they would grab a burger. So eating out at different places was looked at as a treat.

School days lasted from 8am-3pm. Sometimes, Blue would get to school at 6;30 am because of her parent’s work schedules. She would sit in the cafeteria, where all the kids would conjugate until school started. Some of the kids would eat breakfast, and some would do homework from the night before, some would play games, and Blue mostly talked to her friends. When school let out for the day, Blue would be on the “playground” awaiting her parent’s arrival to take her home. Usually that was around 4 pm., an hour after school had been let out for the day. Those hours made for a very long day at school. Blue did not mind all that much, because time at school meant time with friends. Friends were what made school the best.

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The biggest decisions that Blue had to make was usually, what to wear to school the next day and what to eat at school. Usually things were predictable for Blue, when going to school and at school, she liked that. It was the unpredictable things that threw a “wrench” in her day, things like dealing with her parents, her brother, and her life. Certainly school had its challenges, but all in all, back to school was alright.

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